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Property services



Stellenbosch University’s Property Services department provide a variety of engineering and other services to ensure the smooth operation and management of the institution’s infrastructure assets. With a core internal team and specialist service providers, Property Services looks after a portfolio of services, which includes:

    Maintenance & Operations

    Utility services


    Garden & Grounds Services

    Environmental Sustainability

    Maintenance & Operations

    Property Services places a strategic focus on planned maintenance and close cooperation with other colleagues in the SUFM environment to improve service delivery. The team focuses on maintaining all SU’s assets, plant, and equipment in a functional and efficient manner to contribute to the extension of the equipment’s life cycles.

    Utility services

    Utility Services is responsible for delivering electricity, heating, cooling, water sanitation services and other essential day-to-day operations that keep SU’s campuses running.


    SUFM has installed several smart devices and systems across SU’s campuses that enable more detailed reporting on maintenance, systems improvement, utilities, and environmental sustainability. The team continue work to developing an integrated data and technology systems with reporting on dashboards to ensure real time detecting of faults, such as leakages, power outages, and to ensure decisions are based on quality management information.

    Gardens & Grounds services

    SU’s unique gardens and grounds on its various campuses is in the green hands of the gardens and grounds services team and their service providers. They look after all urban landscapes on and around the SU campuses. This includes conservation of the river and mountain areas. Sustainable landscape maintenance includes water and soil management, choosing endemic and water-wise plants, and identifying trees that will reduce our carbon footprint. The team also manages all hard landscaping elements (walkways, pathways, benches, and tables) and ensure that they are versatile and durable.

    Environmental Sustainability

    SU’s environmental sustainability team looks after environmental sustainability, strategic and operational plans, and the environmental management plan. Guided by SU’s environmental sustainability plan, the team manages various projects on SU’s five campuses. Read more here…

    Meet the team

    Nadeem Gafieldien

    Director: property services

    John de Wet

    Environmental sustainability manager

    Robert Todkill

    Maintenance manager and technical advisor

    Aloma Fourie

    Planned maintenance and minor works manager

    Meg Pittaway

    Environmental Specialist

    Mahony Viljoen

    Occupational Health and Safety Officer

    Anand Naicker

    Electrical Manager