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The Facilities Services department is responsible for liaising with clients in the various campus environments on the services offered by the Facilities Management division. This department also coordinates the work taken on by the Facilities Management division. The campuses are divided into clusters of specific SU environments, where the facility managers have offices and represent Facilities Management. The SU environments have access to our Service Desk to log maintenance requests, projects, and minor works. The calls logged via the service desk are monitored and reviewed by the Service Desk.

Contact the service desk

SUFM’s service desk is the entry and central reporting point for all requests and fault reporting related to the facilities on campus. The service desk reviews all requests before they are allocated to inhouse SU maintenance staff or to external service providers to execute, or escalated for review or execution as minor or capital projects. The service desk monitors and liaises with maintenance teams on the status of projects, and deals with queries from the university community on their logged requests, to ensure that continuous feedback is given.

Contact a facility manager

Facilities Managers are the entry point for clients in the various SU environments who require the services of the FM division. These managers work within their specific portfolios and are responsible for liaising with the respective SU environments and for coordinating all work projects.

Facilities Managers take charge of all service provider contracts and SLAs related to cleaning services and sports ground maintenance. These managers are the people you contact to discuss all requests relating to the Facilities Management division, once they have been registered at the service desk. Each manager is in charge of a defined portfolio within which they are tasked with ensuring coordinated service delivery and with liaising with clients to ensure their expectations are met. Meet our team of facilities managers here.

Management information

The Facilities Services department provides management information relating to compliance with our support service agreements via the Service Desk. Agreements are drawn up to provide details of the extent of services, as well as the responsibilities, timeframes, and outcomes, with a view to ensuring service excellence.

Stellenbosch University service desk:

021 808 4666

Email: fmhelpdesk@sun.ac.za

Self-service users

(Planon self-service users only)

Self-service users log on to the SUFM service desk for:

Audio and Visual

Electronic media/equipment possessing a sound and/or  visual component, such as projectors, screens, microphones and more.

Building Fabric

Structural materials, cladding, insulation, finishes that enclose the interior of a building, separating the internal from the external. Eg: doors,  walls, windows, flooring, roof, blinds etc.


Electrical services related to transmitting or distributing electricity, eg: lights, generators, UPS, plugs and current or power lines, wires or cables.


Event-planning requirements related to facilities, ablutions, signage, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), and gardening services.

Fire and Alarms

Requests related to fire drills, faulty fire and intruder alarms, fire-fighting equipment, signage, life and freezer alarms, fire water reticulation, and any other form of fire prevention.

Gardens and Grounds

Landscaping and garden maintenance includes tasks such as irrigation, indoor plants, paving, parking, pest control, etc.


Services/equipment in a building or facility that involve motors, machines, or the flow of fluids, usually in conjunction with electrical or electromechanical controls, eg pumps and air-conditioning, cranes, gas, lifts, etc.

Minor Works

Renovations and new installations: any modification of services, or installation of assets or equipment, and upgrading or demolition of facilities valued at less than R500 000.


All plumbing services related to maintenance or fixtures, geysers, pipes, valves, blockages, greywater systems, etc.


Other services not found in other categories, eg pest control, fuel supply, handman services, move requests, air quality tests, lighting levels, cleaning, temporary electricity, etc.


Collection, transport, recycling, disposal, and treatment of waste.

Meet the service desk team

Dan Prata

Director: Facilities Services

Meet our SUFM service desk team

Claudette Mackriel

Service Desk Supervisor

Joniven Adams

Service Desk Operator

Auriol Olivier

Service Desk Operator

Samantha Pekeur

Service Desk Operator

Meet our SUFM facility managers

Luzaan Stallenberg

Admin 1 Cluster
Mobile: 073 111 7310
Email: lstallenberg@sun.ac.za

Trevor Hoeben

Admin 2 Cluster
Mobile: 083 454 8217
Email: th2@sun.ac.za

Mandisa Matross

Admin 3 Cluster
Mobile: 073 159 4858
Email: mandisam@sun.ac.za


Louis Fincham

Sport cluster
Mobile: 072 643 5843
Email: laf@sun.ac.za

Phumlani Mathebula

Mobile: 081 764 4066
Email: phumlanim@sun.ac.za

Charmaine Klein

Tygerberg Campus
Mobile: 082 2023440
Email: cpk@sun.ac.za

Adri Roussouw

Bellville Campus
Mobile: 083 4555605
Email: ar1@belpark.sun.ac.za