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Your safety companion on campus

Risk Management & Campus Security is a support department of Stellenbosch University which assists all students, staff, and visitors with any security-related emergency. A dedicated, well-trained security team patrols the grounds of the university and runs a 24/7 operational room which receives all emergency calls, and monitors alarms and CCTV systems. The Risk Management & Campus Security division has strong partnerships with safety and security partners in the wider community, and, together they work to create a safe environment for all.

Important numbers to keep on your phone

Stellenbosch Campus

24-hour EMERGENCY number:
021 808 2333

Toll-free number:
0800 02 58 27

WhatsApp Pedestrian Escort:
082 808 2333

General enquiries:
021 808 4202

Tygerberg Campus

24-hour EMERGENCY number:
021 931 5111

Toll-free number:
0800 00 67 67

WhatsApp Pedestrian Escort:
083 938 1841

Follow these safety tips on campus:

  • Never walk alone, especially at night. Plan to walk in groups, use the shuttle service, or request security to escort you.
  • Avoid isolated areas, especially when you exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Keep your phone and valuables out of sight.
  • Carry a whistle and pepper spray at all times to be able to draw attention if needed. Criminals hate attention!
  • Choose the safest route, even if it is not the shortest. Stick to Victoria Street and Bosman Street, where security officers are stationed in mobile security kiosks at night.
  • Avoid isolated areas, especially when you exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Be conscious of your immediate environment as criminals prefer to target those who are not aware of their direct surroundings.
  • Keep a safe distance if a motorist asks for directions.
  • If you suspect that someone might be following you, change direction.
  • Be a caring Matie: accompany a friend.
  • Property on a car seat is tempting to a thief. Lock it in the boot.
  • Invest in a U-lock to safeguard your bicycle and make use of bicycle sheds on campus.

Walk-with service

If you need to move between campus buildings, or from a building to your car after dark (18:00 – 05:00), a security officer is available to walk with you. The service is free.

WhatsApp the security office at 082 808 2333 to request the service. Please note that voice calls to this number are not possible.

Alternatively, call 021 808 4891 to request this service. 

The walk-with service is also available on Tygerberg campus. WhatsApp the Tygerberg security office on 083 938 1841.

Safe routes

Choose the safest route, even if it is not the shortest. Stick to Victoria Street and Bosman Street​ for optimum safety. ​

At night a security officer is on duty in the mobile security kiosks on these routes.

Campus shuttle

The following campus shuttle services are in place:

During the day, transport is available for students between the general parking areas bordering the campus and the central campus.

At night, (18.00 to 02.00), a shuttle departs every hour on the hour from the Neelsie Centre, and travels a 9km radius from the central campus area. Pre-bookings are essential.

Click HERE for more about the campus shuttle schedule.

Any security-related enquiries can be directed to: fmhelpdesk@sun.ac.za

Meet the team

The safety and security of students and staff on campus is of utmost importance to Stellenbosch University’s Campus Security team. They work closely with their security partners in the communities surrounding SU’s five campuses to ensure that everyone can work and study in a safe environment. The well-trained, committed team is on 24-hour alert to attend to all security issues as and when they arise.

Dr Viljoen van der Walt

Chief Director: Risk Management and Security

Melany le Roux

Security Systems & Intelligence Manager

Angelo Echardt

Operations Manager STB

Frans Jacobs

Operations Manager TGB

Brandon Como

Event & Security Operations Officer

Noleen Coetzee

Administration & Logistics Officer TGB

Amena Rittles

Training & Liaison Officer

Jeremy Julius

Investigation Officer

Jaco Botha

Administration & Logistics Officer

Heidi de Klerk

Administration Officer