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The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for managing all the capital projects across the University’s five campuses, to the value of more than R2 billion, from the planning phase to completion. Projects range from alterations to existing buildings, to managing state-of-the-art research facilities.

The PMO makes use of its own well-structured Gated Project Management Methodology (PMM) to oversee projects. The PMO operates with a hybrid staff structure which comprises 11 permanent and six contract staff members.

Total projects in 2021 and 2022:

Projects in Planning Phase

To the value of

R 599 million

Projects in Construction

To the value of

R 1,7 billion

(and growing)

Projects Completed

To the value of

R 693 million


Jan Mouton Learning Centre

Total construction value:
R277 million

Decanting building & Silvertrees parking area

Total construction value:
R128 million

Old Main Building / Ou Hoofgebou

Total refurbishment value:
R15 million

Residences - Huis ten Bosch, Helshoogte, Wilgenhof

Stellenbosch University Library

Total refurbishing value:
R23 million

Tygerberg Multipurpose Sports Facility

Total construction value:
R15 million

Ertjieskloof dam

Restoration value:
R11 million

Stellenbosch University Business School (USB)

Total refurbishment value:
R122 million

Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI)

Total value:
R1,1 billion

Engineering Campus

Engineering campus total refurbishment:
R1,2 million

Victoria Hub

Total project budget:
R101 126 755

Wilgenhof residence

Total project budget:
R14 700 000

Extended Learning Spaces (ELS) project

Total project budget:
R20 400 000 (including VAT)

Danie Craven Stadium

Total value:
R16,7 million

Meet the team

Japie Engelbrecht

Director: Project Management

021 808 9164

Anton Kriel

Deputy Director: Project Management

021 808 3619

Charin Skeen

Programme Manager: Project Management

021 938 9919

Junaid Gafieldien

Snr Project Manager: Project Management Office 

021 808 2485

Schonell Cerf

Senior Project Manager

021 808 9168

Mark Heyns

Senior Project Manager: Capital Projects

021 808 4629

Taureeq Waggie

Senior Project Manager

021 938 9923

Colleen Thomas

Senior Project Manager

021 938 9920

David Naude

Senior Quantity Surveyor

021 808 4197

Gretchen Bantam

Senior Project Administrator: Project Management Office

021 808 9165

Elizabeth Michaels

Administrative Officer: Project Management Office

021 808 4630