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The Facilities Management division is responsible for Stellenbosch University’s physical campuses – its academic, research, sports, and administrative spaces, and for the infrastructure that supports the buildings, and the landscape that surrounds them.

The road to success is always under construction.

– Arnold Palmer (US pro golfer)

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Stellenbosch University’s reputation as the most beautiful and scenic campus in South Africa did not just happen. The Stellenbosch University Facilities Management (SUFM) division works continuously to ensure that the campus is not only pleasing to the eye, but that it remains the perfect environment for students and staff to learn and work, pursue their unique interests, and build new relationships.

At any given time, there are new facilities under construction, which might send you on a detour to your building. But you can rest assured that SUFM is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure your campus remains a special and high-functioning place. This is done through careful and sustainable planning, expert renovations and construction, and effective maintenance of our buildings and grounds. 

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We facilitate student success.
We create learning and living environments that inspire excellence and encourage learning and growth.
We manage facilities efficiently and sustainably.
Our operations and planning is aligned to Stellenbosch University’s strategic intent and strategy.

Nicolette van den Eijkel

Chief Director: Facilities Management

Madeleine Malan

Director: Business Management

Francois Swart

Director: Development Planning and Design

Japie Engelbrecht

Director: Project Management

Dan Prata

Director: Facilities Services

Nadeem Gafieldien

Director: Property Services

Viljoen van der Walt

Director: Risk Management and Campus Security

Facilities management: custodians of SU’s built environment

Stellenbosch University’s Facilities Management division has, as its main aim, the provision of a safe work, study and living environment for all who are part of the University – including staff, students and other stakeholders. We are committed to treat others as we would like them to treat us. SUFM strives to be the best we can be to the benefit of all, and intends to leave a proud legacy behind. We always act ethically and honestly, and we actively seek ideas and opportunities to improve ourselves, our University, and our services.

The Biomedical Research Institute – Photo by Curt Ruiters

“One of the reasons South Africa was chosen for this initiative is the presence of this university, Stellenbosch, and its Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI) and Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation (CERI), and the rest of the ecosystem that can support it. The capacity in this country will make the project successful.”

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, in an address to the media after a tour of the BMRI in February, 2022.

Watch the video: World Health Organisation visits SU’s Biomedical Research Institute

Stellenbosch University Facilities Management in numbers

Campus Security

Stellenbosch University’s Campus Security division is responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for the entire university community – the people, property, and assets on SU’s five campuses. The team is tasked with preventing, and responding to, emergencies on campus and with maintaining a safe and secure environment which allows students and staff to focus on their academic and professional pursuits without fear of harm.

Service Desk

SUFM’s service desk is the entry and central reporting point for all requests and fault reporting related to the facilities on campus. The service desk reviews all requests before they are allocated to inhouse SU maintenance staff or to external service providers to execute, or escalated for review or execution as minor or capital projects. The service desk monitors and liaises with maintenance teams on the status of projects, and deals with queries from the university community on their logged requests, to ensure that continuous feedback is given.

Environmental sustainability

As part of our ambitious journey to reach net zero by 2050, Stellenbosch University launched the institution’s first Environmental Sustainability Plan (SUESP). The Facilities Management division supports this journey wholeheartedly. Under the slogan “Together on our journey to net zero carbon”, SUFM’s environmental sustainability team organises a range of projects and events – and encourages staff and students to get involved.

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